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  • @sine-fdn/unlocode v.0.1.0 Extension

    The Pathfinder Framework Data Model allows for the interoperable exchange of product footprint data. This includes the product’s carbon footprint, represented in the Data Model as a CarbonFootprint. Each CarbonFootprint is scoped by Geography, specified (at maximum resolution) as a ISO 3166-2 country subdivision. In some cases, the current resolution is insuficient and a more precise, hopefully plant-level, geographic specification would be recommended. The UN/LOCODE Data Model Extension aims at providing precisely the required level of granularity, using an international coding scheme that is public and can be integrated into solutions.

    Working Groups

    • Authentication Conformance ADR

      Dedicated Working Group to collaborate on the Authentication Conformance issue few Organization have raised.

    • iLEAP – Integrating Logistics Emissions and Product Carbon Footprints

      The iLEAP project facilitates emission transparency throughout the logistics supply chain, with a particular focus on assisting shippers in their decarbonization efforts. By gaining visibility into the logistics component of their product carbon footprint, shippers can make informed choices to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability.